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Fiona Howell

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New Book Out Now!


Here is an excerpt from my latest book that was released on Halloween 2021, Blackwood! 

Blackwood Add.PNG



I am Fiona Howell, a writer and an Irish musician. I have self-published one novella on Amazon, The Locked Box and two poems in an anthology, On and Off the Road: Poems of New Hampshire by the Peterborough Poetry Project. 

I love history and especially history mysteries, the stories that we don't have the answers to yet. That is what most of my writing is about; my version of events. 

Some call me Ginny Weasley, like from Harry Potter. I don't mind because Harry Potter is my favorite series (hence the Gryffindor attire). 

If you would like to hear my Irish music,

head on over here:

Marble Surface

New Projects

Beneath the Hawthorn Tree 

This is a ghost hunting story about YouTubers who discover that the supernatural is in fact very real. 

This story is about to be on the third draft. 

The Promised Kind 

This is a Regency mystery story about a newly married lady who suspects her husband of poisoning her to get her money. 

This book has been drafted. 

Treasure Hunter Chronicles Trilogy

This is a trilogy about treasure hunters. The main character wants revenge on her ex-fiancé for leaving her to die on an island. 

All three books have been drafted. The first book is on draft #3. 



New Projects
Keyboard and Mouse

News & Events

8/6/20 Poetry Reading, Wonalancet, NH

Private social distancing event (with masks) 

News and Events

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Facebook: Fiona Howell Writes

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